Classic Zeus

ZeusClassic Zeus
Retro rockers Zeus acknowledge their time capsule pop with a wink and a nod by titling their third record Classic Zeus, but this record finds them moving forward regarding their sonic references. The fuzz and crunch of '60s and '70s rock-n-roll has always heavily influenced Zeus' sound, but their third full-length finds them widening their sonic palette while also creating a cohesive, fun record.

Electronic drums add crispness to the radio-friendly bounce of lead single "Miss My Friends," and wispy background synths help the chugging "27 is the New 17," both of which stand out as vibrant, fun tunes that keep Zeus' party going. The band's infallible optimism shines through, with lyrics about growing pains, loneliness and lovesickness set to a sound that's never forlorn or mopey, even on saloon ballads like "One Line Written In."

Despite constantly rotating between a trio of lead singers with their own vibes and styles, the record maintains cohesion with vocal harmonies and smoky guitar licks. Ultimately, Zeus keeps nodding to the past even as they look toward the future on a record that's both introspective and jubilant. (Arts & Crafts)
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