:Wumpscut: Eevil Young Flesh

Possibly sexually exciting with its intense erotic beats and use of porno samples. but the music captures repulsion like never before. Eevil Young Flesh is thought provoking in that it can be heard as twisted. The mood that :Wumpscut: creates with his eerie electronica are not typical sexual urges. It’s well beyond the safety of “abnormal” sex, as it captures the sociopathic nature of Man the rapist, serial killer and demon. The porn sample on “I Want You” might be arousing but upon closer inspection :Wumpscut: twists the song with the lyrics to make it a statement about predatory lust and desire. As the song climaxes, so do the samples. Does :Wumpscut: want the listener to be excited or revolted by the lingering sexual over tones on this fantastic album? Judging by the cover and flipping through the booklet should clarify any doubts. A thumbnail of the who’s who of serial killers fill out the centre spread. The album is very cerebral and goths should take the time to go beyond the great gloomy electronica to unearth the hidden meanings. However, for those that just want to enjoy the music, this is an amazing album filled with dark moody vibes. Unlike Marilyn Manson and other so called “demon musicians” of the world, :Wumpscut: is truly twisted. It doesn’t feel like it has been done solely as a means of getting attention. Feel free to delve into the sadistic electronica or just dance, the choice is ultimately yours. (Metropolis)