:Wumpscut: Blondi

Serving up two new songs and featuring four remixes, industrial fiend Rudy Ratzinger delivers a new EP under the :Wumpscut: name. Through Blondi, Ratzinger showcases two distinct sides of his franchise with the menacing and delightfully sinister "Rush” co-existing with the gentler, more emotive "Don’t Go.” This is not to say one track is better than the other, they are both great — just in different ways. The downfall of this disc actually lies in the bland "Rush” remixes provided by Dismantled and Naked Beat, which do nothing but beef up the track listing. Der Blutharsch’s take is fortunately more redeeming, offering a powerfully harsh reconstruction. The "Don’t Go (Eighty 64C)” :Wumpscut: remix tackles an unexpected pop sound that effectively highlights Jane M’s accompanying vocals from the original. Still, if none of this gets you excited, this EP is just a preview of the new Evoke LP. For those of you who couldn’t care less about remixes and B-sides, grab the full length instead. (Metropolis)