WTF: Axl Rose Might Be the New Singer of AC/DC

WTF: Axl Rose Might Be the New Singer of AC/DC
He's already fronted numerous versions of Guns N' Roses (including the reunited band that's going to make a shit ton of money this year), but Axl Rose could really serve to diversify his portfolio. Fortunately, the perfect opportunity has just presented itself, as there's a rumoured vacant spot on the mic for AC/DC.

Yes, two generations of blue collar hard rock might finally become one, as Axl is reportedly warming up his pipes to belt out someone else's anthems while fronting AC/DC.

As previously reported, a doctor told AC/DC's Brian Johnson to "stop touring immediately" or risk total hearing loss. There were then rumours that AC/DC were going to replace the frontman, followed by a petition to stop the band from finding a new frontman.

There are still 10 remaining AC/DC shows on their current tour, however, and that's where Axl comes into play.

An Atlanta radio DJ named Jason Bailey said that a "very very good source" told him that Axl will definitely join Angus and co. onstage. "It's all but a done deal that Axl will front AC/DC for the 10 remaining shows," he said on rock radio station WNNX. Bailey added that his source told him Rose had flown in to Atlanta to audition with the band.

It's all a little far-fetched, but Alternative Nation added some fuel to the fire. When the story of Axl fronting AC/DC first broke, Angus Young's song Ross reportedly shared it on Facebook with the statement, "It's true." When someone asked Ross to clarify whether or not Axl was fronting AC/DC, he added, "He can and he will."

All that said, a rep for AC/DC did address the rumour to NME, saying simply, "Nothing official to announce. Will update you if that changes."

Here's hoping that as the years go on, more members of Guns N' Roses join AC/DC. We'd love to see Slash (or, hell, even Buckethead) try their hand at "Highway to Hell."