​Watch Finn Wolfhard from 'Stranger Things' Cover Nirvana's "Lithium"

​Watch Finn Wolfhard from 'Stranger Things' Cover Nirvana's 'Lithium'
Vancouver actor Finn Wolfhard is having a moment thanks to his recent role in Netflix's binge-worthy hit Stranger Things, but the young Canadian screen star has proven that he's a multi-talented dude.
He recently showed off his burgeoning rock star chops on Twitter, posting a snippet of an unplugged cover of Nirvana classic "Lithium."
In addition to the Kurt Cobain homage, Wolfhard also made his athletic allegiances clear — sporting a Toronto Blue Jays shirt for the camera. He also recently made his musical influences known on Instagram, with a shout-out to Joy Division. Check out the brief video clip of him playing "Lithium" below.
The first season of Stranger Things is currently available on Netflix, while the accompanying soundtrack (composed by S U R V I V E's Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein) is available to stream here.