Vampire Beach Babes Attack of the Killer Bikinis

Toast your weenies to this one folks! Toronto’s favourite bloodsuckers of the beach are back once again with this follow-up to last year’s Reckless Summer. A curious marriage of goth, surf-punk, rockabilly, leather, PVC and sunscreen, this four-song disc once again shows these weirdoes throwin’ a beach party that would leave Frankie and Annette buried in the sand. The opening title track gets things off to a groovy start and keeps you shimmying right on through to "Hawaii Shirt from Hell.” Kind of sexy, kind of swampy and still dark enough to keep even the mopiest goth kids mopey, these tunes show all the makings of a surf band: twanging guitar, catchy riffs, lyrics about chicks, cars and surfing, but they take it so far beyond those Beach Boys’ harmonies that they couldn’t be normal if they tried. Twisted and comical but not just a shtick, these babes have talent and a sense of humour to match, making this a perfect way to celebrate summer and still maintain your gothic ennui. (Independent)