Vampire Beach Babes Reckless Summer

Get out your bikinis, slather some sun block on that pasty white skin and get ready for summer, 'cause here come Toronto's Vampire Beach Babes with seven tracks to make your weenies sizzle. Just in time for summer, the debut release from this fun bunch of weirdoes is not one you'll be hearing on the patio at your favourite trendy summer restaurant anytime too soon. To get an idea of their angle, throw together Dick Dale, the Cramps, the "Monster Mash" and a pinch of Satan in a blender, whip until smooth, pour into a hollowed out pineapple, top with whipped cream and a cherry and enjoy. A less obtuse description you say? Well, their songs are all between three and four minutes, they have a blackened surf-punk sound and they dress in fishnets and PVC (what else would you wear to the beach?). For spooky folks like myself, they make the prospect of dealing with the summer sun that much less painful. High point: "Gothmobile," apparently it'll "harden the nipples on a dead man's tits." And I thought the P.T. Cruiser was cool. (Independent)