Vader Blood

Poland's Vader have slowly but surely been establishing themselves as a consistent, solid, reliable death metal band. With their last album, they solidified themselves into the realm of the genius, and this great EP/thingy (it's 50 minutes) will serve as a great teaser until the next studio opus. The first six cuts here are the Blood EP, which is brand spankin' new and ready to lurch out of the speakers with the band's patented blend of Slayer-esque riffing, intense (but never too guttural) death metal and almost decipherable vocals, which is very cool to hear. The remaining ten cuts are the Reign Forever World "EP" from 2001, which contains more of the same as well as a few covers and live songs, and a couple of Japanese only bonus cuts. Who cares though, just slap this puppy in, turn it up and enjoy damn near an hour of some of the best death metal around today. (Metal Blade)