Superchunk "Child's Christmas in Wales" (John Cale cover)

Superchunk "Child's Christmas in Wales" (John Cale cover)
It's December 1, our advent calendars are officially cracked for the occasion and we're now ready for the onslaught of Christmas-themed tunes. While we're bound to get a lot of the classics, from "O Tannenbaum" to "Jingle Bells," it's nice to see Superchunk getting a little unorthodox with their Christmas pick.

While the indie vets have slathered layers of guitar fuzz onto John Cale's "Child's Christmas in Wales," the 'Chunk's take on the cut manages to come across more laid-back than the original's jaunty chamber rock sound. Considering how we generally just want to hang out quietly underneath the Christmas tree after a hard day's work, that's fine by us.

Despite missing the peppy piano plunks of its '70s-era predecessor, the cover's hard rock guitars and Mac McCaughan's spritely croon go down about as smooth as freshly poured eggnog.

Courtesy of the good folks at Cover Me, you can stream the song below.

Child's Christmas in Wales by Cover Me