Slumber Party 3

This is music for many settings. Hung over afternoons spent lazing in bed, like the back porch harmonica-lovin' "Black Heart Road." Or for peering out the window on a muggy summer night, or even for gazing down the length of the bar, heavy blinking beneath a cold stare your only necessary accessory. This is sweet ’60s handclappin' indie pop with quadruple girl melodies and airy harmonics accompanied by gentle, mellow drum strokes and breezy guitar strums. But these women aren't naive, they're mature and smart. The kind you look up to for their calm assured Nico-isms, not the gullible Sandra Dee you watched the school boys scheming over. Their sound is catchy and memorable without a trace of sugar, even on the synth-y "New Trouble," which reveals a slight sense of danceable sass before the modest but important organ sounds and laid back doot doo's bring the giggles back down to dreamland. This is a record that doesn't need to try too hard to impress you. If you like it, great, but if you don't, that’s alright, you'll understand when you're older. (Kill Rock Stars)