Slumber Party Psychedelicate

2001 was the year that it became cool to rock out with a guitar again. And while most of the other bands following that path take the noisier route, there are a few bands like Detroit's Slumber Party who remember that it doesn't hurt to turn the amp back down from 11 to three every now and again. Their pedigree is near perfect; they take all of Moe Tucker's songs with the Velvet Underground, some of the Jesus and Mary Chain's gentler moments, a touch of Stereolab, add a healthy dose of Galaxie 500 and end up with a wonderful pop confection. The result is the kind of album that Mazzy Star always threatened to make but never quite managed to. Psychedelicate is pretty much just more of the same from Slumber Party. If you heard the debut album you'll know what to expect: quiet, dreamy songs with strummed guitar and sweet Spector-esque harmonies that drift wearily by. Every so often the tranquillity is interrupted by gentle waves of feedback or organ, but for the most part, things are downbeat and delicate. The one criticism is that it is so very similar to their last album that some might question just how essential it is. I, on the other hand, will quite happily revel in the gloriousness of it all and be happy that they haven't changed one little bit. (Kill Rock Stars)