Shout Out Out Out Out Spanish Moss and Total Loss

Shout Out Out Out OutSpanish Moss and Total Loss
The third full-length album from the Edmonton, AB-based sextet since forming in 2004, Spanish Moss and Total Loss is by far Shout Out Out Out Out's most evolved record. Stylistically, it's consistent with their catalogue ― it's a synthesis of synths, vocoder, bass guitar, drum machines and drums that forms lengthy pop electronic jams ― but time has been good to their aesthetic. With the influence of disco, techno, classic house and Krautrock taking deeper root within their sound, every moment on this album is more informed and developed than anything previously. The songwriting is more refined and consistent yet subtly surprising, and the production is smooth yet punchy. It's a perfect marriage of organic sounds, like the driving, old-school house piano on the opening two tracks, congas in "Spanish Moss" and the raunchy saxophones in "Never the Same Way Twice," and electronic sounds, both melodic and percussive, while the lyrics are heart wrenching, steeped in inner turmoil and the letdowns of human relationships. Yet, like so much great indigenous world music, Spanish Moss and Total Loss gives listeners who may be dealing with personal tragedies the perfect inspiration to dance their cares away.

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