Shout Out Out Out Out James St. North, Hamilton ON, September 12

Shout Out Out Out OutJames St. North, Hamilton ON, September 12
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
Edmonton's Shout Out Out Out Out are quick to note that they came together as a band through a mutual love of synthesizers. The word love might be an understatement, and could easily be referred to as an obsession if one was to judge by the amount of equipment they had on stage with them on Friday evening. Anchored by two live drummers, and even two bass guitarists at points in the set, the electronic wizardry taking place onstage was something incredible to behold.

Frontman Nik Kozub worked within his sizable setup of electronics, triggering the majority of the beats and synth patterns. His vocals were masked by a vocoder for the entirety of their set, save for the moment he took to stop the set and thank the audience. The six-piece were able to strike an enjoyable balance between the electronic and organic with their deep grooves and danceable rhythms, complementing one another as human and machine should.

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