Rivulets Debridement

Considering Low’s Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker both make appearances on Debridement, the second album from Duluth’s Rivulets, it’s not a huge surprise that the record was also released on Sparhawk’s own label Chairkicker’s Union Music. The great thing about artist-run record labels is that, more often than not, you can trust a release will be good simply based on the band involved in putting it out. You can also usually bet that the release will sound fairly similar to the work the label owners have done in the past. And while Debridement definitely has it’s own characteristics, Low fans will be suckers for Rivulets. Nathan Amundson and his crew of talented friends have made a haunting record of minimal songs soaked in the natural reverb of a church and extraordinary songwriting talent. If it doesn’t strike you at first, it’s likely due only to lack of patience. While the general rule of thumb is to load all the best songs onto the start of a record, Rivulets’ finest work can be found a few tracks in. Just hold out for the Kings of Convenience-styled "Shakes” and the layered production of "If It Is” and you’ll understand. Low fans may pick this up because of the name association but they’ll hold onto it because it holds up against anything that band has ever done. (Chair Kickers Union)