Rivulets You've Got Your Own

Upon first listen the newest EP from Rivulets, late of Low’s Chairkickers Union label, didn’t wrench the heart or tingle the spine as other artists who specialise in the lonely voice and a guitar genre, like Will Oldham and the granddaddy, Nick Drake. Of course, it was still daylight out and it wasn’t an especially stressful day at work. Flash forward to a darker night and a needlessly busy day and, lo and behold, every chord and scrap of guitar melts the emotions away. "Rain All Winter Long,” the standout with its catchy chorus and undulating electric guitar, is rightfully the middle song as the others seem to grow out of the feeling it so easily evokes. All is not all barren production and strums though, as "Let It Go” flares up with its cymbal crashes and angst, but it seems just slightly overdramatic. There are only five songs on this EP, and ranging on your state of mind at the time, it can be glorious and pristine in a Low-like manner, but it can also be slight and vaguely distant. The title is quite apt though as this truly is an experience of your own. Rivulets can only do so much, but what they do deserves a listen. (Acuarela)