Ride Reveal Their First New Songs in over 20 Years

Ride Reveal Their First New Songs in over 20 Years
Late last year, we learned Ride were set to return with their first new album since 1996, an LP that frontman Andy Bell as said is "equal parts Motörhead and William Basinski." Now, the band have shared a first taste of what's to come with new track "Charm Assault."

"Charm Assault" was produced by Erol Alkan and features the band's unmistakable guitars and driving drums. A press release reveals that the forthcoming album will arrive through Wichita Recordings this summer, with Alan Moulder handling mixing duties.

UPDATE (2/22, 1:20 p.m. EST): In less than 24 hours, the band have now shared a second new song called "Home Is a Feeling." In a statement, the band's Mark Gardener sad: "'Home Is a Feeling' to me is like a slow, wide-screen, sonically, layered, slowed motion warm wash. Like returning home as dawn rises totally exhausted and spangled after a long... long... big, great night out'"

"'Charm Assault' is a pretty straightforward expression of frustration and disgust at the people who currently run our country," Bell said in a statement. "The tour in 2015 was a good way of reminding us what we were good at in the first place and 'Charm Assault' feels like a natural continuation from our peak. When we started writing together again we tried to imagine we'd kept on making music all this time, and this was just the latest one."

Alkan added: "Nowhere and Going Blank Again were big records for me and my friends when we were growing up. I've vaguely known Andy for a few years through his brother-in-law but we didn't actually meet until a couple of years back. I had an email from them asking if I'd like to collaborate with the band, and once I'd heard the demos, I was 100 percent in. Andy's very well-versed in electronic music, so we had a common bond in that as well as alternative music. The new music contains all the great elements you want from Ride — great songs, loud guitars, beautiful harmonies, powerful rhythms."

While we await further details on Ride's forthcoming record, take in "Charm Assault" in the player below.