Quo Vadis Passage In Time

Something about Quebec makes the metal bands that crawl out of there unique, and Quo Vadis are one of many bands from Quebec who are currently making Canada proud. Probably the first band to ever put a Barristers & Solicitors company name on their album's back cover, these lads aren't up to the first tier of Quebec metal just yet, but are ruling the roost of the second tier. Borrowing heavily from fellow Quebecers Kataklysm, Quo Vadis ride a mainly mid-tempo melodic thrash vibe with occasional technical blast bits thrown in, Sweden by way of Quebec. Also, the band knows their way around their instruments and are capable of writing very catchy thrash metal, a combination made in metal heaven. This CD is a collection of old demo tracks, live songs and a couple newer ones, so it has a few filler songs (i.e., the last half of the album) and lacks the cohesiveness of their last full-length, the great Day Into Night. They're not jaw-dropping just yet, but they are worthy of a serious listen and are a band to keep your eyes on over the next few years. Barristers and Solicitors? Weird. (Skyscraper)