Quo Vadis Defiant Imagination

As far as metal and cheese are concerned (not necessarily mutually exclusive), Quebec is the place to find quality. Quo Vadis’ fourth album in eight years demonstrates exactly why they’ve risen to the ranks other Canadian metal favourites. The potent and calculated guitar riffs make this record stand out. Although Bart Frydrychowicz uses many traditional elements (tremolo, harmonies, solos), the music is all slightly warped. Not enough to warrant the prog rock label and not chaotic enough to warrant a tech label. Veteran bass player Steve Digiorgio is important in establishing this technical presence and in highlighting guitar riffs with poignant and curious melodies, setting Quo Vadis apart from most metal bands. The instrumental delivery is cool and precise, coming off seamlessly throughout. They experiment with numerous types of vocals, in addiction to the menacing growl of singer Stephane Pare. Guitar solos are in no shortage during thrashing but catchy Amon Amarth riffs. They invoke fellow Quebecois Kataklysm as well as the heavy melodic tendencies of Death. They create equilibrium of speed and riffage reminiscent of Darkane. This album is definitely their best so far and by the sounds of it, they’ll only get better. (Skyscraper)