Pig Destroyer Book Burner

Pig DestroyerBook Burner
It's been too long since Virginia grindcore masters Pig Destroyer released a full-length. 2007's Phantom Limb was a stellar jaunt into longer, catchier song territory, but the progression stops there, as the band return to short, blistering grind with latest offering Book Burner. Now featuring Misery Index drummer Adam Jarvis, it's no wonder Pig Destroyer have gone back to basics with whiplash-fast tracks, utilizing Jarvis's inhuman drumming skills, which meld perfectly with songwriting guru Scott Hull's precise, blazing guitar work. With 19 songs in 32 minutes, the group waste no time, with "Sis" starting the record off with a barrage of fast riffs and blast beats, while "The Underground Man" is 32 seconds of visceral punk rock aggression and "Permanent Funeral" features some intense Brutal Truth-meets-Slayer riffage. Throughout, J.R. Hayes spits his hatred-filled bile, featuring interpersonal lyrics that are as poetic and thought provoking as ever, although not as disturbing as those on 2001's Prowler in the Yard. While Book Burner is more stripped down, in terms of technicality, and features more organic-sounding, streamlined production than Phantom Limb, Pig Destroyer manage to surpass expectations with a less-is-more approach that results in a thoroughly mind-blowing record. (Relapse)