Pig Destroyer 38 Counts of Battery

It's on Relapse and has 38 songs, so you know you're going to love it. This discography disc collects Pig Destroyer's Explosions In Ward 6 album, various split seven-inch tracks and compilation songs. The "songs" are great, very short bursts of hyper grind possessing a hardcore edge, reminiscent of a more serious version of Anal Cunt. The great part is the energy, these guys are pissed-off and the songs are simply relentless. A few classic thrash songs are also brought back to life here, including "Burning of Sodom," by Dark Angel, and the Carcass classic "Exhume to Consume," which the Pigs pull off exceptionally well. The originals are also a lot of fun, although it's nothing you will remember when the CD finishes, as it all just races past you before you have a chance to take it in. Also, there is something that makes the production sound different than most grind records, more treble than bass. Some good song titles also emerge, such as "Unwitting Valentine," "One Funeral Too Many" and "Alcatraz Metaphors." This album won't change your, but it is one of the best grind CDs to come out as of late. (Relapse)