Peter Broderick These Walls of Mine

Peter BroderickThese Walls of Mine
Those familiar with the work of Peter Broderick (Float, for example) might be surprised by his new release, which has more in common with the solo home recordings of Arthur Russell than the fluid blend of contemporary classical and ambient Broderick is most known for. Based upon voice experiments using mics and a laptop, and then uploaded online, Erased Tapes persuaded Broderick to release an album recorded in this manner, the result being These Walls of Mine. This isn't the composer's first foray into singer-songwriter territory, however, having been a touring musician with M. Ward and Efterklang, and having sung on several of his tracks in the past. On numbers such as "Proposed Solution to the Mystery of the Soul," Broderick's incorporation of gospel and folk evokes late British singer John Martyn, whereas "These Walls of Mine II," with its white-boy rap and strings, sounds Anticon-inspired. "When I Blank I Blank" and "I Do This" surprisingly both feature lyrics submitted by visitors to his website. At times emotive and playful, Broderick has created a cohesive album of delicate, Russell-esque melodies with enough wonkiness, experimentation and spoken word to make a unique, personal and engaging release of happy accidents. (Erased Tapes)