Nick Zubeck Tracker

Nick ZubeckTracker
Toronto's Nick Zubeck pours his all into a multi-layered collection of ambitious, eclectic pop songs on his excellent third record, Tracker. "Sentimental Devil" recalls the slacker confidence of Steely Dan, an effortless dose of catchy pop smarts delivered like it's no big deal. There's a similar vibe to the cool and easy soul of "Body Parts," which lingers breezily on jazzy tones before its soaring choruses reorient listeners like a friendly guide. Zubeck often measures his voice, ensuring that he is tangible in multi-layered mixes. In some cases, such as the 4/4 glory of "Tip of My Tongue" or the emotional charge of "Chevy Sunshine," he's easy to find. In something like "Common Cold" or "Warm Blood" though, it's interesting to hear him distorted or blending into the sound, as if his words are an additional instrument. With an alluring distance, Nick Zubeck keeps tones warm and bubbly on Tracker. (Independent)