Nick Zubeck 'Skydiving' (album stream)

Nick Zubeck'Skydiving' (album stream)
Guelph, ON-based singer-songwriter Nick Zubeck is ready to release his first solo project since 2009, but before Skydiving arrives next week, Exclaim! is giving you a chance to hear the entire record ahead of time.

Produced by Sandro Perri, Skydiving is described as "a self-assured look at ubiquitous feelings of doubt, and the tribulations and serenity that come with acceptance" that takes Zubeck's writing and arranging to new heights. Drawing on personal experiences, Zubeck compares and contrasts his own struggles with the notion of "first world problems." 

"The central theme of the album became more about contending and living with a certain amount of doubt, fear and vulnerability, and finding peace and beauty within that," Zubeck said in a statement. "Neil Young's lyric 'though my problems are meaningless, that don't make them go away' comes to mind."

Skydiving is set to land on March 11 through Caldo Verde Records, but you can hear the record in its entirety in the player below.