The New Pornographers "Adventures in Solitude" (live)

The New Pornographers 'Adventures in Solitude' (live)
Proving themselves to be much more than just pop rock wizards, the New Pornographers have once again stepped up to support a cause. While last week members Carl Newman, Kathryn Calder and Neko Case took some time to talk about last April's BP oil spill, the pop philanthropists have now something equally important on their minds.

The same trio of musicians, as well as a cello player, performed a stripped-down version of "Adventures in Solitude," from 2007's Challengers, for The New Gay to speak out against LGBT bullying.

The uplifting acoustic anthem features lyrics about overcoming adversity and is perfectly suited to promote the self-esteem-building It Gets Better Project. While the song's powerful lyrics anchor the tune, Newman's gleeful whistle solo is nothing to shrug at it either.