Neil Young to Launch Massive Online Archive Project

Neil Young to Launch Massive Online Archive Project
While we're finally set to get the long-lost Neil Young album Hitchhiker, that's hardly the only archival material headed our way from the celebrated Canadian songwriter. This morning (August 4), Young posted a note on his website informing fans that he plans to open up a plethora of unreleased material through a new interactive component of his Neil Young Archive.

According to Young's message, the project will feature an interactive timeline highlighting his output from his very beginnings in 1963 to present day, with this including previously released works, as well as tons of unheard material.

Here's how Young describes it all:

The NYA Timeline shows you when and how the music was made. Every single, recorded track or album I have produced is represented. It is always current. You can browse through the music I made between today's date and 1963, when I made my first recording in Canada and it was released as a 45 RPM single. You can zoom in to the timeline and see a particular period in detail, and pull back to view the surrounding years. View all albums currently released and see albums still unreleased and in production just by using the controls to zoom through the years. Unreleased album art is simply penciled in so you can see where unreleased albums will appear in the timeline, once they are completed.

There's also what he calls the NYA Filing Cabinet, which "contains all of the songs in the archive presented chronologically; stored on Info cards with their associated credits, memorabilia, films or videos, press and photographs." The note adds, "The NYA is a living document."

All this will also folded into his new streaming service Xstream Music. However, so far none of this has been launched, with the site still just featuring an "Opening Soon" sign.

You can read Young's full note over here and check out the site in progress here.

As previously reported, Hitchhiker is due out September 8 via Reprise.

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