Miike Snow's Andrew Wyatt Prepping Solo Album

Miike Snow's Andrew Wyatt Prepping Solo Album
Earlier this year, Swedish electro-pop group Miike Snow delivered their Happy to You LP, but singer Andrew Wyatt is taking his falsetto elsewhere on his debut solo album, titled Descender.

An interview with Rolling Stone explains that the set was tracked last October and will see release in November through the Swedish collective imprint Ingrid.

Apparently, stepping away from the rest of his Miike Snow collaborators to focus on the solo record worked wonders and let Wyatt explore his artistic inner vision wholly.

"For me, it feels like freedom. There's a great feeling that comes from not having to compromise anything with anybody, being able to call all the shots," he told Rolling Stone. "I think that's sort of what I was searching for."

That's not to say that Descender is solely the work of one man. Wyatt managed to rope in a 75-piece orchestra, and the LP also features guest appearances from Anthony Rossomando (the Libertines and the Klaxons), Brad Truax (Interpol and Gang Gang Dance) and Tortoise's John Herndon.

On top of the new album, a eight-minute mini-documentary on the making of Descender is also expected to drop in November. The video captured some behind-the-scenes action and manages to shine the spotlight not only on Wyatt's new LP, but little-known French singer Hero Fisher, whose "Break My Heart and Mend It" is featured in the film.

"I kind of feel like I discovered this amazing [prodigy]," Wyatt said of Fisher. "I could not believe nobody knew about her."

Release dates for Descender and its accompanying documentary have yet been set in stone.