Mardeen 'Miss You Forever'

Mardeen 'Miss You Forever'
Mardeen previously earned our approval with their album Read Less Minds, and now the band have unveiled their latest full-length, Miss You Forever. The best part? The entire thing is available as a free download.

Following years of on-and-off activity, a press release notes that Miss You Forever was recorded with producer Charles Austin in Riverport, NS. The band utilized a live-off-the-floor approach to capture their "hooky pop melodies and driving bass lines," and the results range from "stripped down acoustics" to more "intense arrangements."

If you're suitably impressed by these nine tunes, the record will receive a vinyl pressing in November. Pre-order Miss You Forever and download it over at Mardeen's website.

Miss You Forever:

1. Follow
2. Oh Dad
3. Crib
4. Paperbag
5. Icon
6. Billy
7. Candle
8. Framus
9. Heartless Punks