Mardeen Read Less Minds

A disclaimer: I have a slight obsession with all things East coast. But one that’s completely warranted, since the music that’s been coming out of Atlantic Canada has some of the catchiest pop rock hooks this country has to offer. And Halifax’s Mardeen take that generalization to a whole other level with their debut full-length, Read Less Minds. Every song on this record has its own persona, yet each one stays in touch with the others. The common thread of distorted guitars is the glue that holds everything together, and opener "Kids” is what sticks to you from the beginning. Almost like a microcosm of the family made up of East coast bands that Mardeen have been inaugurated into, Read Less Minds is dysfunctional under the surface but unbelievably cohesive and cool to the unassuming ear. This is the perfect combination for musical bliss. (Aporia)