Le Matos "La Mer Des Possibilités" (video)

Le Matos 'La Mer Des Possibilités' (video)
Back in 2016, beloved Montreal duo Le Matos revisited their 2013 debut Join Us for a much-deserved vinyl reissue. Now they're once again transporting us back to their early beginnings with a new music vid.

The clip comes for the album's "La Mer Des Possibilités" and is directed by Jeremy Rubier. As you'll witness, it features a pair of adventurers in a post-apocalyptic Hong Kong.

In a statement, Rubier explained this of the video:

The camera follows the two remaining survivors of an alien attack as they wander through an abandoned Hong Kong. Last November I was in Hong Kong shooting an ad with my team when we stumbled upon two kids climbing vacant buildings. I thought they were cool so since we were done with our day's work and had all the equipment with us, we followed them around. We did that in less than a day, on a shoestring budget, full DIY! These kids brought us to many amazing, creepy and sometimes dangerous abandoned places around Hong Kong. What's amazing is that we managed to film the whole thing as if the city was deserted, which is almost impossible considering that Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated city in the world! While working on this, I had Le Matos' music in mind. So I reached out to them and they were super happy to collaborate.

The band's own Jean-Philippe Bernier added, "It's the first time we dealt with someone who is not from our own entourage. We only did two videos before and since we both work in the film industry, we usually have our say in the whole process but we thought Jeremy had some really good ideas and we liked his enthusiasm. We loved the idea of having this Asian feel to our music. Its refreshing. It takes La mer des possibilités (the sea of possibilities in english) to a different level and gives the track a whole new perspective."

Down below, you can check out the newly revealed video for yourself.

So far, we've yet to get any firm word on when Le Matos will deliver their follow-up to their last album release, 2015's Chronicles of the Wasteland, which came as a double-album release holding their Turbo Kid soundtrack.