King Midas Sound "Goodbye Girl (Kuedo Remix)" / "Earth A Kill Ya (Mala Remix)

King Midas Sound 'Goodbye Girl (Kuedo Remix)' / 'Earth A Kill Ya (Mala Remix)
King Midas Sound is the three-year-old collaboration between prolific producer Kevin Martin (also of the Bug, Ice, Techno Animal and more), vocalist Hitomi (aka Kiki Hitomi) and spoken word poet Roger Robinson. Currently in the process of writing new material, King Midas Sound have followed their well-received 2010 debut, Waiting For You, with new single "Goodbye Girl"/"Earth A Kill Ya, " featuring two remixes from two notable bass heads: Kuedo (aka Jamie Vex'd) and Mala. Kuedo's unmistakable synths lay waste to "Goodbye Girl" and its icy trip-hop vibe, transforming it into a tune bearing equal resemblance to London bass music and L.A. beat. Once the tune drops, it becomes relentless, heaving in percussive glory while boasting tastefully serrated bass. Mala's remix of "Earth A Kill Ya" inverts the original, with a dirge intro and dubstep beat that puts far too many contemporary beat makers to shame. Artful, danceable and something new, "Goodbye Girl"/"Earth A Kill Ya" is not the sound of the dance floor, but the fast-fading memory of it on the three a.m. stumble home. (Hyperdub)