Kathleen Edwards "Change the Sheets" (video)

Kathleen Edwards 'Change the Sheets' (video)
To say we're excited about the new Kathleen Edwards album would be an understatement. Voyageur was produced by Edward's significant other, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon -- aka the man behind our favourite Pop & Rock album of 2011 -- meaning that we're more excited than ever to hear what the beloved Canadian songstress has cooked up. Now, Edwards has unveiled a video for the Voyageur track "Change the Sheets."

The clip serves as a document of life on tour, which sped-up natural imagery mixed with footage from the van and soundcheck . The video culminates in the same way as any good road video: with live footage of the band playing of the song in front of an adoring audience. It's a fitting accompaniment for the breezy, folk-tinged rock tune.

Voyageur is out January 17 via MapleMusic.