Juan MacLean Reveals Peach Melba Side-Project

Juan MacLean Reveals Peach Melba Side-Project
After going through an "existential tailspin" with his DJ-Kicks contribution, we're not surprised that the Juan MacLean (aka John MacLean) has formed the duo Peach Melba with Amy Douglas to explore a different side of dance music.

According to DFA Records, Peach Melba is an outlet for MacLean to share the music "he considered too 'housey' for proper the Juan MacLean releases." As such, the material will be released in a series of DJ friendly twelve-inch records, beginning with the "Can't Let Go" single.

A press release explains that "Can't Let Go" is full of unabashed love for house music, saying, "There is no ambiguity here, no obfuscation of the musical lineage from which Peach Melba's debut descends. MacLean has created a new song that sounds classic; an homage to its musical precursors devoid of historical and sonic revisionism."

 The release is available now digitally on Beatport, with a vinyl version dropping on July 26 via DFA. Along with the title track, it features a dub version and a "dub of dub" version. The full release can be streamed here.

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