The Juan MacLean In a Dream

The Juan MacLeanIn a Dream
The Juan MacLean is back on the dance music grid with In A Dream, their first full-length album release in five years. John MacLean and LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang make up the duo, and they make one seriously dynamic team. In A Dream explores the best of both their worlds; MacLean's post-punk hardcore roots mixed with a deep understanding of disco and Whang's dance-punk, indie background complement each other well. As the third leg of the production team, Holy Ghost!'s Nick Millhiser was also a major influence in the album's sound.

The record is reminiscent of classic Giorgio Moroder, notably From Here to Eternity and 1978's "Chase." "Charlotte," especially, a synth-bolstered disco number, could thrill Moroder himself, while tracks like "Here I Am" and "The Sun Will Never Set On Our Love" stray from disco and follow the thumping house sound the Juan MacLean is known for. In A Dream is brand new, but has the feel of a timeless dance record, the kind of record that is pulled from the crate on the most special (and danceable) of occasions. (DFA)