Jessie Ware Addresses Big Pun Controversy, Sets Sights on Disclosure Collaboration and Sophomore Album

Jessie Ware Addresses Big Pun Controversy, Sets Sights on Disclosure Collaboration and Sophomore Album
UK singer Jessie Ware has been touring heavily in support of her critically acclaimed and Mercury Prize-shortlisted Devotion album in recent months and will be making her Canadian debut this weekend. But as fans recently learned, her live shows haven't always gone so smoothly.

Late last year, Ware's onstage banter got her in hot water; at the Bowery Ballroom in New York in December, she talked about the legal dispute surrounding her use of a vocal sample from late rapper Big Pun on her single "110%," leading her to tell the crowd "Fuck Big Pun" and effectively make headlines across the internet.

"That got me in trouble and it was, like, completely misconstrued," Ware tells Exclaim! "So it was kind of like a shame, really.... It just learnt me, it just taught me to shut up and actually be kind of... Nah, actually, I haven't learned at all. I still say loads of shit."

Due to the dispute, the song has since been retitled "You're Never Gonna Move," which figures onto the North American release of the expanded edition of Devotion.

Some songs, like the brand new "Imagine It Was Us," produced by "110%" producer Julio Bashmore, will appear on the reissue, due April 16 via Interscope. The album will also feature the A$AP Rocky-assisted version of power ballad "Wildest Moments."

It appears that more collaborations are in the works as well: Ware says she hopes to work with fast-rising fraternal UK house duo Disclosure, whose dancefloor-filling remix of Ware's "Running" was a mutually beneficial success.

"I love those boys. I think they're so talented," says Ware. "I think they're gonna be huge. And I want to do something for their album, so fingers crossed we'll do something."

Ware also reveals that she has started work on her second album, but it is in the early stages because of her hectic touring schedule.

"I think it's going to be an extension of this record," she says. "I dunno, I think I'll do a few more upbeat [songs], potentially."

While we wait for that as-yet-untitled sophomore effort to materialize, Ware plays Toronto tomorrow (April 6) and in Vancouver on Monday (April 8). She will also be performing at Montreal's Osheaga Festival, taking place from August 2 to 4, later this summer.

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