Jason Derulo Is Bummed They Edited His Huge Junk Out of 'Cats'

This movie is really bringing out the worst in all of us
Jason Derulo Is Bummed They Edited His Huge Junk Out of 'Cats'
Tom Hooper's upcoming Cats promises a dizzying array of CGI kitties all frolicking and purring onscreen. He's built a world where just about anything can be displayed through the magic of modern cinema. Well, everything except for Jason Derulo's prominent bulge.

The R&B crooner told Andy Cohen that producers on the film edited his hulking hog out of the final cut, deeming it too hot to handle for cinemagoers.

"They CGI-ed the dick out," Derulo said. "Yeah, they did CGI. I noticed that. 125 percent. I can see it in the trailer, for sure."

This is not the first time that Derulo's member has faced unfair scrutiny in 2019. Earlier this month, Instagram removed a picture of Derulo in his skivvies because it featured an imprint of his member too prominently. It's not easy being a well-hung king in this modern world.

We won't know for sure whether or not we can sneak a peek at Derulo's ruler in the new Cats movie until it opens on December 20. Here's hoping it brings Derulo further into the cinema world either way. After all, he's one of Terrence Malick's favourite artists