Hall & Oates "Out of Touch" (Action Jackson Remix)

Hall & Oates "Out of Touch" (Action Jackson Remix)
Because I'm interviewing John Oates this week, I felt it was necessary to throw a little Hall & Oates into Click Hear, just because, well, I've always wanted to. Proving just how darn relevant these Philly-based "blue-eyed soulmen" still are, lo and behold, it took me no time to discover a brand new remix of my favourite H&O song: "Out of Touch."

Remixed by Indianapolis native Action Jackson, who's also taken on tracks by M.I.A., Aaliyah and Pimp C in the past, this remix is built around ADD and disorderly drum patterns, which seem to switch up every time it's about to settle into a groove. Thankfully, AJ keeps the original intact, albeit only for short intervals.

But needless to say, he keeps it fast and entertaining throughout, using a series of drum loops from Rob Base and DJ EZ-Rock's legendary "It Takes Two" (as well as a sample of that unforgettable scream) and a booming tribal rhythm.

Do I prefer it to the original twelve-inch version remix? No, but in the age when there are so many inept remixers out there trying and failing to rework every song ever written, it's nice to see one of my all-time favourites was one of those that made it out alive.

And just in case you haven't seen it already, click here to see Chromeo's appearance on Hall's online show, Live From Daryl's House.