The Guest Bedroom "Fine Lines" (video)

The Guest Bedroom "Fine Lines" (video)
Toronto rockers the Guest Bedroom have just released a new video for the track "Fine Lines," which is set to appear on the band's upcoming album EP.

The band posted the new clip to their website with this description: "New music, forest murals, chicken lamps, black and white video, a slight 50's thing, deep breaths, serious faces -- this video has it all!"

We can confirm that the vid does indeed contain all of these things. It was shot by the band's new permanent member Jim and filmed inside the group's jam space.

The Guest Bedroom have yet to reveal details for the upcoming EP, but it's slated to be released some time in spring and they have plans to release a video for each of the tracks on the new mini-record.

Check out the video for "Fine Lines" below.