The Guest Bedroom We like Accidents

The Guest Bedroom play herky-jerky pop music with rhythm changes like rubber balls flying off brick walls, organs oscillating like it was a haunted house party, and vocalist Sandi Falconer yelling and crooning smart lines so frantically you can imagine her jumping up and down as she delivers them. Like the Fiery Furnaces but less bluesy and a bit wackier, We like Accidents (and the title track especially) is a controlled experiment in quirk. At times they sound like a group of hardcore musicians who decided to trade in the aggro for pure pop without compromising their vigour: the energy is high, and they perform playful music as hard as they can. There is some good-natured boy-girl trade off screaming, but mostly the vocals are the most consistent, sane-sounding component simply because their delivery is so straightforward. This EP is four songs long, making for a perfect introductory dose, and the Guest Bedroom is off to a great start. (Independent)