The Gruesomes Gruesomania

The GruesomesGruesomania
Anyone wondering what the missing link between the Stooges, New York Dolls and Black Haloes could possibly be would do well to check out this re-release of the Gruesomes' 1987 cult classic. Ottawa's premiere garage rock outfit, the Gruesomes — and by default, Gruesomania — are an endless stream of twangy, kitschy pre-punk soaked in as much attitude as reverb. Despite the album's questionable sonic clarity, with production levels below that of farting into a ghetto blaster's built-in microphone, the plethora of upbeat soul/rock/pop gems are endless. Gruesomania is a surprisingly dirty affair, topping out at 20 bouts (the Unchained EP is tacked on as bonus material) of infectiously greasy fluff. From the bouncy, light-hearted jangle of "Leave My Kitten Alone" to the driving grimace of "Way Down Below" and surf-twang of "Whirlpool," this early Rolling Stones-meets-the Ramones trash rock sounds even more relevant two decades after its creation than it most likely did at the time. (Ricochet Sound)