Canadian Garage Rock Greats the Gruesomes Reissue 'Gruesomania' on Vinyl

Canadian Garage Rock Greats the Gruesomes Reissue 'Gruesomania' on Vinyl
This year marks the Gruesomes' 30th anniversary, and the veteran garage rock ghouls are celebrating by bringing their sophomore effort, Gruesomania, back to vinyl. A reissue lands November 13 through Artoffact Records.

A press release notes that while the mop-topped cartoon-watchers had delivered the Tyrants of Teen Trash album in 1986, the following year's Gruesomania was where "the band really hit their stride as one of the world's best garage acts." Featuring cuts like "Leave My Kitten Alone," "Buzz Off" and the French-language "Je Cherche," the album mixes the quartet's "horror shtick" with elements of surf, garage and punk.

Gruesomania had initially been released via OG Records and was also treated to a CD release in 2008 as part of reissue campaign via Ricochet Sound. This latest vinyl pressing through Artoffact features remastered recordings, comes packaged with a poster, and arrives on both black and limited-edition "gruesome green" vinyl.

Pre-orders for the garage punk platter are being taken over here.


1. Way Down Below
2. I'm Glad For You
3. Leave My Kitten Alone
4. Ain't Got Nothing
5. Whirlpool
6. I Can Tell
7. Buzz Off
8. Je Cherche
9. Why Me?
10. Time's Gonna Come
11. Jacknife
12. Outta My Mind
13. You Said Yeah
14. Heart Full Of Pain