Gorillaz "Phoner to Arizona" (video)

Gorillaz 'Phoner to Arizona' (video)
Even though the future of the band remains uncertain, this is shaping up to be a very merry Christmas for fans of Gorillaz. Tomorrow (December 25), the Damon Albarn-led animated band will release a LP called The Fall via their online advent calendar. Today, we have a preview of the album in the form of a video for the first track, "Phoner to Arizona."

As we heard from the brief trailer that was released earlier this weak, the song is a minimal electronic-oriented track, mostly based around buzzing synth bass and a beat that manages to be off-kilter despite being in perfect 4/4 time. There are also some blippy keyboards and heavily altered vocals that enter later in the track.

Just like the album itself, the video documents life on the road in America, as the horizon scrolls ever past while a montage of images from tour flickers across the screen. See it below, and be sure to check back to Gorillaz's website tomorrow to hear all of The Fall.