Full of Hell Return with 'Trumpeting Ecstasy'

Full of Hell Return with 'Trumpeting Ecstasy'
Three years removed from their team-up with Merzbow, noisy metal outfit Full of Hell are striking out solo to release their third LP this year. Titled Trumpeting Ecstasy, the new album will arrive on May 5 through Profound Lore Records.

Eleven tracks in length, Trumpeting Ecstasy is described as the band's "most punishing, virulent, and dynamic album in their eight-year long career." Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou served as producer.

Over the course of the record, the band get a little help from friends and collaborators such as Aaron Turner (Sumac/Old Man Gloom/Mamiffer/Isis), Nate Newton (Converge/Old Man Gloom), Andrew Nolan (Column of Heaven/the Endless Blockade), and Nicole Dollanganger.

Read through the album tracklisting below and see the record's flaming-nun cover art above.

Trumpeting Ecstasy:

1. Deluminate
2. Branches of Yew
3. Bound Sphinx
4. The Cosmic Vein
5. Digital Prison
6. Crawling Back to God
7. Fractured Quartz
8. Gnawed Flesh
9. Ashen Mesh
10. Trumpeting Ecstasy
11. At the Cauldron's Bottom