Evan Dando Puts Kibosh On Love/Cobain/Dando Love Triangle

Evan Dando Puts Kibosh On Love/Cobain/Dando Love Triangle
Way, way back in the early '90s, grunge was the biggest musical fad since disco. And like any great genre, a lot of myths and gossip rose up from the scene, or in this case, the wet streets of Seattle. Like for instance, did Courtney Love take heroin while she was pregnant with Frances Bean? Or were Pearl Jam really grunge? And was flannel really the babe magnet so many ugly men thought it was? Well, it appears one of these juicy questions has finally been answered thanks to one-time grunge pin-up Evan Dando.

In a recent interview with Gigwise, the Lemonheads front-man put the kibosh on the rumours that he once bedded grunge queen and Kurt Cobain widow Courtney Love.

Speaking to the site while in England for some solo gigs, Dando said, "A lot of people are misinformed about that. Not to mention Kurt, who went to his grave misinformed. Courtney was saying that we were having an affair - I was never attracted to Courtney. She was like, 'I made Kurt cry last night.' She is crazy."

Dando went on to say that because of the nasty rumours he was never able to have much of a friendship with Cobain. "It made me very sad and I was thinking, now that Kurt's gone, he knows what really happened. It really didn't have to happen," he said. "Kurt was amazing, he could do so many amazing things but we never really got to know each other, as Courtney got right between us. It was horrible."

In other news, as we previously reported, Dando's Lemonheads will release a new covers album on June 23 via the End Records. Titled Varshons, the long-awaited album will include renditions of songs by Leonard Cohen, G.G. Allin, Wire, Gram Parsons and Christina Aguilera.