​David Bowie Fan Claims He's Discovered Another 'Blackstar' Secret

​David Bowie Fan Claims He's Discovered Another 'Blackstar' Secret
David Bowie's swansong Blackstar gave fans plenty to digest musically, but the late singer also stashed tons of surprises within the album's physical packaging too.
Following the discovery of a hidden starfield, designer Jonathan Barnbrook hinted that there were plenty more secrets to uncover — spawning further diligent detective work from fans.
Now, another fan has come forth claiming to have noticed a new hidden component to the Blackstar packaging. Chris Gray told NME that he's found 3D images hidden in the album booklet.
"I noticed that there is a very quirky design on the page where the lyrics 'Girl Loves Me' appears," he said. "I was pretty sure this was an instruction — and so it transpired."
He further explained: "What you have to do is bring the booklet to within about 10 cm of a wall in a blackened room and shine a torch [a flashlight] on the images that appear in the booklet (such as the stars, the man and woman, the 'Lazarus' title etc, etc,) and what you get is a range of fantastic coloured and 3D images. The lyrics also appear 3D with red shadow colouring."
If you've got a copy of the Blackstar LP, feel free to test the latest fan theory out.