Container LP

Since releasing his previous LP, LP, Ren Schofield has moved from Nashville, TN to Providence, RI, but location doesn't seem to have had much of an effect on the music Schofield makes; his latest LP, LP, sounds a great deal like LP. If the carbon-copy title of his new record as Container didn't evoke thoughts about the sounds on his first LP, the music featured here most certainly will. Like its predecessor, LP was recorded completely in mono and is almost identical to his first release, featuring the abrasive, over-compressed drums and brash analog resonances that Container has become synonymous with. While fans of Schofield's intentional or unintentional neglect for cosmetic beauty will enjoy his latest offering, the irony of releasing a second LP also called LP that sounds almost identical to his previous LP overshadows the finer details and small differences in the album's tracks that might otherwise shine through. While Container doesn't sound like he's challenged himself creatively on his most recent album, listeners who have yet to hear his indistinguishable, ear-splitting sound will find some auditory excitement. (Spectrum Spools)