On his third LP (the conveniently titled LP) Ren Schofield expertly commemorates the moment when industrial music ventured out from the dungeon and onto the dance floor. After releasing two LPs (also conveniently titled LP) of slightly warped, experimental-leaning techno, Schofield (aka Container) has unleashed his most digestible, accessible and danceable set of songs to date. Of course, when it comes to Container, such adjectives have to be taken within a grain of salt, as Schofield still seems committed to building his songs around harsh, metallic sounds, complex polyrhythms and putrefying structures.
Drenching tracks, like the sonically claustrophobic "Eject," the pulsating "Peripheral" and the robotic "Appliance," mimic first wave industrialists like Einstürzende Neubauten or O.G. EBM-ers like Nitzer Ebb. But Schofield manages to update these sounds with walloping rhythms and sleek grooves that seem to complement as much as they contradict. On LP, Container shows his ability to create a complete barnburner of an album in the least flashy and showy manner possible. (Spectrum Spools)
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