City and Colour City and Colour Live

City and Color Live is the latest solo release from Dallas Green, guitarist/vocalist of famed screamo band Alexisonfire. But don’t be fooled; while Alexisonfire may not fall into the "easy listening” category, Green’s soft crooning is a definite barrier breaker, reaching out to fans of different musical preferences. This latest release, as well as his previous full-length, are both great albums with well-written songs. And why wouldn’t they be? Green has been writing and recording his acoustic music for many years and this CD is an excellent representation of his live show, featuring a collection of songs he wasn’t "afraid” to put out. Filmed/recorded during March 2006, the record includes songs previously released on his studio and even an Alexisonfire cover. Also included on the CD are a few previously unreleased studio tracks with guest performances by Green’s cousin Nick Osczypko (piano) and Casey Baker (formerly of St. Catherines emo band Sleeper Set Sail) on guitar. The instrumentation is, for the most part, as close to the original recording as any artist could reproduce live, with only a few fumbles on certain tracks. (Dine Alone)