Burning Brides Leave No Ashes

Do you ever listen to mainstream radio, and hear a song that makes you say "hey, this is actually not bad”? Now imagine that song suddenly starts to get a little weird, and you have the Burning Brides. Having carved their niche touring with such eclectic groups as the White Stripes and Marilyn Manson, they emerge with a sound that has elements of those groups, but with a lot more melody. Songs like "To Kill A Swan” and "Pleasure In The Pain” might sound cheesy if done by another group, without their infectious pop hooks. Give those songs a listen and they will surprise you, with "Alternative Teenage Suicide” actually being a war song, their lyrics are more insightful than the song titles would insinuate. Essentially a heavy pop band, you wouldn’t even realise the bleak subject matter of their lyrics. They also seem very sexy for an alternative rock band, and are able to play unconventional love songs devoid of the characteristic clichés. (V2)