Burning Brides Fall Of The Plastic Empire

Guitarist/vocalist Dimitri Coats and bassist Melanie Campbell, the core members of Philadelphia’s Burning Brides, play vigorous music with a variety of influences. On Fall Of The Plastic Empire, tunes range from Stooges-influenced grooves to stoner rock with the bong volume turned down and the tunefulness turned up. "Plank of Fire” is prime incendiary rock’n’roll that starts the album off with furious momentum and "Glass Slipper” agitates with strut-inspiring rhythms, hand claps and Detroit rock inclinations. "Artic Snow” and "Rainy Days” present more immediately harmonious material, while "Elevator” churns with skilful abrasiveness. Fall Of The Plastic Empire covers a variety of musical terrain, conveying unique vocal melodies and fastidious instrumentation, indicating why the Burning Brides have been able to successfully tour with the varied likes of the White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age. (V2)