Blimp Rock Buy Out Phil Elverum's Band Naming Service

Blimp Rock Buy Out Phil Elverum's Band Naming Service
Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum made headlines over the holidays when he launched a band naming service through which he'll name your band for $35 USD. Now, opportunistic Toronto-based indie rock outfit Blimp Rock have attached themselves to the bizarre project, purchasing Elverum's latest business endeavour.
The business has now officially been retitled Blimp Rock Enterprises Presents: Band Naming Services, and Elverum confirmed the transaction with a haiku on Twitter.

Elverum is still manning the naming duties, and any money made from the project will still be lining his pockets. It's not a totally unbeneficial move for Blimp Rock, though. "We believe attaching our name to this auspicious new start-up might just make 2016 the year we raise $700K," they explained in a Facebook post.
For anyone who may have forgotten, Blimp Rock ambitiously formed with the goal of hosting a music festival on a blimp above Lake Ontario. Working towards raising $700, 000 to make the festival in the sky a reality, the band recently (and unsuccessfully) went after the Blue Jays for some payback money.
The acquisition of Elverum's band-naming service, while it might gain the group a bit of exposure, brings the band's total funds raised from -$2100 to -$2388. It's still early in 2016, though, so maybe this will be the year they pull out of the red and into the clouds.